58 LBS. – 285 LBS.

Safety latches provide venting that prevents implosion or explosion by relieving pressure once it reached a specified level, which is indicated in pounds of force. Pressure release latches are used by a range of industries and applications involving potentially explosive gas, dust or mist and can be used in vacuum applications or on the interior or exterior of a vessel. Safety latches can also be combined for use on doors for rigidity, product testing and pressure applications.

Heavy Duty Pressure Release Safety Latches for Up to 285Lbs. of Pressure

Heavy duty safety latches from Brixon Manufacturing are designed for the most demanding of applications and provide reliable pressure release up to 285 lbs.
We provide these release latches in cast iron, cast aluminum and cast steel options with a range of handle and strike configurations for optimum versatility. Our 58 lbs. to 285 lbs. safety latch options include:

Series 4 Cast Iron Safety Latches

Durable cast iron safety latch with standard grey painted or polished chrome finish.

Series 4 Cast Aluminum safety Latches

Series 4 cast aluminum safety latches are lightweight and offered with a standard finish. Internal components are made from mild steel with an option of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Series 84 Cast Steel Safety Latches

Cast steel release latches with an option of standard grey painted finish or a polished chrome finish. Available with standard mild steel intervals or optional stainless steel internals for corrosion resistance.

Series 4HD/410 Safety Latches

Heavy-duty pressure release handles are manufactured from ductile cast iron with a standard grey painted or polished chrome finish. They are utilized for assistance in opening higher force latch set-points as well as multi-latch configurations. Internal components are made from mild steel with an option of stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Safety Latch Pressure Requirements and Considerations

The first step in selecting a safety latch is to determine the pressure requirements and point of vessel release for your specific application. Once you have this information, use our use our online calculator tool and read about important considerations when selecting the appropriate pressure release latch for your application. Also read our warnings and limitations information for all Brixon safety latch models. 
Other important things to consider when selecting your pressure release safety latch include:
  • Operating environment where the latch will be installed
  • Resistance to heat, corrosion, or sparking
  • Vessel Construction
  • Substance volatility for the intended application
  • Material weight of the safety latch
You will also need to make sure your release latch complies with either National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or Factory Mutual Global (FMG) for maximum pressure requirements in safety latch applications, as well as any other requirements specific to your industry and municipality.

Contact Us for Pressure Release Safety Latches In a range of Configurations

Brixon provides a wide range of safety latches with a proven track record for performance, whether your application requires 3.9lbs. or 285lbs. of pressure release force. Request a quote for safety latches today or contact us to discuss your unique pressure release requirements.
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