Industrial Manufacturing & Processing

Dust, chemicals, and other combustible substances found in most industrial manufacturing and processing facilities create a fire or explosion risk. Creating a safer workplace and preventing inventory loss requires taking certain measures to minimize risks when an explosion or implosion occurs.

Pressure release safety latches create a positive seal on doors to prevent heat, gases, and particles from escaping during normal operations. If an explosion or implosion occurs, the latches automatically release to let pressure escape.

Use them on batch ovens, dust collectors, powder coating booths, cyclones and other equipment producing combustible dust, gas, or vapors. Install venting latches on new equipment or use them to retrofit or bring older equipment into compliance with modern safety standards.

Explosion Venting Safety Latches for Industrial Manufacturing

Brixon is a world-class manufacturer of pressure release safety latches for industrial manufacturing. Our products are designed for easy installation and operation and meet Factory Mutual approval for explosion-venting hardware. You can also install them for use as a slam latch.
The simple design and construction make our latches easy to clean. Quick installation, adjustment, and replacement keep downtime minimal, benefitting your productivity.

Pressure Release Latch Material Recommendations

We recommend using investment cast steel or cast iron venting latches for indoor dry manufacturing applications. Spark-proof and corrosion-resistant materials are also available with a range of finishes. Choose from latches with release forces up to 285 lbs., based on your application and industry-specific requirements.

Remember to follow the recommendations provided by your industry to ensure compliance with safety standards. We also offer factory calibration and testing to verify the release force, if required.

Learn More About Our Pressure Safety Release Latch Options

Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches in several materials and styles to suit your application and operating environment. Contact us to discuss your latch style or pressure release requirements.

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