Brixon Latch Identifier

Narrow down your replacement options based on basic product features: type, housing appearance & length, handle, and material used. Using the below fields, select what information you know to narrow down your Brixon Latch replacement. If you are unable to find your latch, please contact us or call 651-688-2540.

At Brixon Manufacturing, we know that there are several factors that impact how you choose a safety latch release. Different safety latches are needed depending on release force, pressure requirements, material options, industry, and unique application. The Brixon Latch selector is a helpful tool for determining the correct replacement.

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Select Your Replacement Safety Latch Options:


Type: We manufacture two primary components, latches and strikes. We also manufacture shims for strikes and handle accessories (Other).
Housing Appearance: What is the finish on the casting? It could be painted, a raw sandcast aluminum, investment cast aluminum, stainless steel, polished and plated or just plated.
Housing Length: Distance from the face of the component to the rear. The front face of the latch is where the laminated cam protrudes. The front face of the strike is the side where the roller protrudes. The front face of shims is the non-curved surface.
Handle: Does the latch component have a handle to assist in opening the door?
Internal Material: Our latches are available with stainless steel internals, mild steel internals or brass internals.
Please select your desired latch options from the lists above.