10 Lbs. - 45 Lbs. Pressure Release Latches

Safety latches are used by various industries to prevent explosions caused by a buildup of pressure and for push-to-open door applications, product testing and security. Release latches are set to release pressure once it reaches a specified level and are typically offered in categories based on pressure range. They can be used on the interior or exterior of a vessel as well as in implosion applications. Safety latches can also be used in multiples for use on doors to maintain a gasket seal across the entire surface.

Series 2 Latches for Pressure Release Applications from 10Lbs. to 45Lbs.

Series 2 Safety latches from Brixon Manufacturing are offered in cast iron, cast aluminum, sparkproof aluminum and sparkproof brass options with a choice of finishes.  We currently provide the only sparkproof safety latches in the industry that are FMG 7910 & 4440 approved. Sparkproof latches are ideal for environments where there is increased risk of a spark causing deflagration due to environmental factors or exposure to highly flammable gases, dusts and liquids. Our options for 10lbs.-45lbs. safety latches include:

Series 2 Cast Iron Safety Latches

Our biggest selling latch model is available with a standard grey powder coated finish or polished chrome finish. Available with standard mild steel internals or corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Series 2 Cast Aluminum Safety Latches

Cast aluminum safety latches are lightweight and provide corrosion resistance. Available with a standard sand cast aluminum finish and with an option of standard mild steel internals or corrosion-resistant stainless steel internals.

Series 2 Sparkproof Aluminum Safety Latches

This release latch is a lightweight and weather-resistant alternative to cast iron and is the only FM approved sparkproof cast aluminum safety latch on the market. Available with a standard, sand cast aluminum finish. Internals are spark resistant brass.

Series 2 Sparkproof Brass Safety Latches

Sparkproof safety release latches available in a standard sand cast brass or polished chrome finish.

Series 2 Latch Shims

Latch shims for offset mounting. Available in cast iron and machined steel.

Safety Latch Selection Based on Your Pressure Requirements

Our online calculator tool [link to new calculator] can help you determine which safety latch is best for your pressure release application. Some of the other important factors you should consider when choosing a safety latch include: 
  • Substance volatility
  • Vessel construction
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures or corrosion
  • Operating environment
  • Material weight
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Factory Mutual Global (FMG) each have different pressure setting requirements that you must adhere to for safety compliance. NFPA 68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting is a great starting point. Always refer to all applicable codes, and regulations pertaining to your specific situation and municipality. As a general rule of thumb, you should always choose the lowest practical setting to ensure safety and effective pressure control.
To learn more, read our adjustments and latch selection technical data and warnings and limitations information for all latch models.

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