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The World Standard in Explosion Venting Latches

For over 80 years, Brixon Manufacturing has set the standard worldwide for excellence and innovation in the explosion venting latch category. Our pioneering work in safety latch systems helped build our reputation with dozens of Fortune 500 companies operating across a broad spectrum of industries. Brixon latches have become an internal safety requirement among the leading fortune 500 companies such as DOW chemical and DuPont.

After years of development and testing, Brixon created a 100% stainless steel latch with the corrosion, chemical, and temperature resistance needed for specific environments. We were the first company to produce all stainless-steel explosion venting safety latches and remain dedicated to being an innovator of safety latch solutions.

Helping Companies Meet Safety Requirements

We designed Brixon® pressure release safety latches to provide venting in the event of an internal explosion. Our latches maintain a positive seal to prevent heat loss or the escaping of gases under normal operating conditions while allowing access to the protected enclosure.

Safety That Can Be Tested and Verified:
It’s not only important to protect equipment when it is manufactured and installed, it is also critical to know that the safety equipment that is installed can be tested and verified for proper function years into service. Brixon latches are one of the only explosion vent options that can be tested and verified years into service with our one of a kind Latch Maintenance program. Alternatives simply have a service expiration requiring very expensive replacement. We have maintained latches that have been in service for over 60 years and they are still going strong today!

For decades we’ve partnered with both established and emerging companies across various industries. If your company manufactures or uses any equipment that encloses potentially explosive dust, gas, mist, or chemicals, you should install Factory Mutual (FM) approved Brixon® Safety Latches.

With a range of materials and finishes to choose from and release forces from 3.9 lbs. to 285 lbs., we can provide a solution for nearly any explosion venting application.

Offering Versatility in Design & Functionality

Brixon latches are not limited to explosion venting applications. Many customers specify our latches for applications requiring reliable retention and release features, combined with shock absorption capabilities. Brixon latches are designed to operate through tens of thousands of latch and release cycles under a variety of ever-changing positive and negative pressure conditions.

We offer the widest variety of options to suit your industry and application. All Brixon latches are Factory Mutual Global approved as explosion-venting door latches.

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