Energy Storage

Wind turbines and solar panels are an increasingly popular source of alternative energy worldwide.  However, the lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen housed in energy storage facilities create a high risk of fire or explosion.  Failure to properly vent energy storage systems can lead to catastrophic events that put on-site workers and the surrounding community at risk. Unfortunately, explosion venting has not been at the foresight of these first and second generation energy storage containers and many have doors that need to be retrofitted into deflagration/explosion vents.

Explosion venting latches minimize these risks by creating a weathertight seal under normal operating conditions. When an explosion or implosion occurs, the latches automatically pop open the door or hatch to release the excess pressure. Installing pressure release latches on shipping containers and other exterior energy storage vessels is critical in maintaining compliance with fire and safety standards.

Energy Storage Explosion Venting Latches

Brixon® is a world-class explosion venting latch manufacturer with a reputation for excellence and innovation. Our pressure release latches are designed to work on various door sizes and types. You can also connect multiple latches using our Universal Link Latch System to accommodate extra-large doors and openings.

If security is a concern at your facility, we can provide energy storage explosion venting latches with a lock-out mechanism that prevents anyone from opening a door or cover. Brixon also offers an optional latch maintenance program for sites requiring regular safety and vent integrity testing.

Latch Material Recommendations for Energy Storage

We recommend stainless steel pressure release latches for energy storage applications. This material withstands hot and cold environments and has a temperature threshold up to 650˚F (343˚C), allowing indoor and outdoor installation in virtually any climate.
Our safety latches come in release forces from 3.9 lbs up to 285 lbs. per latch, depending on the type selected. All stainless steel energy storage latches come standard with a plain investment cast finish. An electropolished or polished, buffed and passivated finish can be added for improved corrosion protection.

Contact Us to Discuss Pressure Release Safety Latch Options

Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches in several materials and styles. We ship internationally and can help you select the right latch for your energy storage application. Contact us to discuss your pressure release latch requirements.