Safety Latches by Release Force

Safety latches are pressure release latches that provide venting to prevent the buildup of pressure that can result in an explosion. Once a specified amount of pressure accumulates, the latch pops open to instantly release the pressure.
Often used in conjunction with other safety systems, Brixon Safety Latches are a reliable backup solution that work even when a loss of power causes other systems to fail. Release latches are used by a range of industries in applications where there is accumulation of dust, gas or mist including farm silos, HVAC systems, coal burning power plants, paint ovens, and more.
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Adjustable Pressure Release Latches Designed for Performance and Reliability

Pressure release latches from Brixon feature an adjustable spring-loaded release that opens at a pre-set release point to prevent explosion or implosion by relieving pressure. In addition to pressure applications, our safety latches can also be used as a breakaway device or for security and product testing applications.
Our safety latches have a proven track record of product performance and are offered in different material options, including sparkproof options and finishes, to meet the requirements of your specific operating environment. Additional features of our latches include:
  • Manual mechanical operation
  • Adjustable latch release force to customize precise venting needs
  • Handles actuate the interior mechanism of larger models for manual opening
  • Custom linking
  • Choice of left or right handle configuration

Pressure Release Latch Options

Brixon Manufacturing Company provides safety release latches in iron, cast aluminum, sparkproof brass, sparkproof aluminum options to match your unique requirements. We are currently the only manufacturer in the market that currently offers a sparkproof aluminum or brass safety latch. Multiple latches can also be linked together to disburse latch and strike points on doors constructed from thin or weaker materials. We offer an optional heavy-duty handle for higher release force applications involving multiple latches.

3.9Lbs. – 17 Lbs. Safety Latches

Series 91 safety latches handle pressure up to 17 lbs. of force and feature stainless steel construction for durability, high temperature tolerance and corrosion resistance. Our stainless steel release latches are available with standard, electropolish or polish/buff/passivate finish and in latch body, latch strike and latch handle options.

10 Lbs. – 45 Lbs. Safety Latches

Series 2 safety release latches handle pressure up to 45 lbs. and are offered in cast iron, cast aluminum, sparkproof aluminum, and sparkproof brass material with a choice of two finishes. Available options for our 10lbs.–45 lbs. latch releases include: latch body, latch strike, adjustable latch strike (iron and aluminum only), and latch handle.

43 Lbs. – 180 Lbs. Safety Latches

Series 3 safety latches, Series 83 safety latches and Series 93 safety latches are available in cast iron, cast aluminum, investment cast steel and investment cast stainless steel material. They are designed to individually handle pressure up to 180 lbs. and are available in the following options:
  • Series 3 safety latches:  cast iron or aluminum option with available latch body, standard strike, wide strike, tall strike or adjustable strike.
  • Series 83 safety latches: cast steel with an option of latch body, latch strike, and handle with left or right configuration.
  • Series 93 safety latches: stainless steel latch options including latch body, latch strike, handle with left or right configuration, and latch shims.

58 Lbs.  – 285 Lbs. Safety Latches

Our 58 lbs.-285 lbs. safety latches include our Series 4 latches, Series 84, latches, Series 94 latches and Series 4HD/410 latches. Material options include cast iron, cast steel, cast iron and cast aluminum with the following:
  • Series 4 safety latches: cast iron or cast aluminum with an option of latch body, standard strike, wide strike, tall strike, adjustable strike, and left or right handle configurations. Options vary by material.
  • Series 84 latches: cast steel with an option of latch body, strike, left handle or right handle
  • Series 94 safety latches:  stainless steel safety latches with a choice of latch body, strike, handle with left or right configuration, or shims.
  • Series 4HD/410 safety latches: cast iron latches with a choice of body, handle, latch plate strike, heavy duty handle or flat plate.

Choosing a Latch Release Based on Pressure Requirements

Selecting the correct release force for your safety latch depends on a number of factors and should be determined by calculating pressure point of vessel release. Our calculator can help you choose the correct latch release for your application. Other determining factors in choosing a pressure release latch include:
  • Operating environment
  • Exposure to corrosive substances
  • Volatility of the pressurized substance
  • Material weight
  • Vessel construction.
Refer to the latest version of NFPA No.68 and all other applicable codes to calculate the venting requirements of your vessel: in general, the lowest practical setting should be used.

Factory Mutual Global (FMG) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have different pressure setting requirements. To be safe, the lowest practical setting should generally be used. Always consult all codes and regulations pertaining to your specific situation. View our adjustments and latch selection technical data for additional information and calculations for choosing the correct latch release.

Your #1 Source for High-Quality Safety Latches

With over 80 years of industry experience, Brixon is a leading expert in pressure release safety latches. Our expansive selection of safety latches spans a range of materials, applications, and forces to ensure you find precisely what you need. Our team of professionals is prepared to help you determine the best pressure release latches for your requirements. For superior safety latches you can rely on, Brixon is your solution.

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