Military Applications

Meet protection requirements for your military nondestructive testing application by installing pressure release latches on doors, vents, or equipment covers. These pressure release latches create a positive seal on doors to prevent heat, gases, and particles from escaping during normal operations. If an explosion or implosion occurs, the latches automatically release to let excess pressure escape.

Pressure release latches are also easy to install on cargo containers of any size, allowing safer transport of hazardous cargo by military aircraft.

US-Made Explosion Venting Latches for Military Applications

Brixon® is a world-class manufacturer of US-made explosion venting latches for military applications. We manufacture all of our latches in the U.S. using high-quality parts and materials and conduct regular testing for quality control. Our products are designed for easy installation and quick adjustments and meet Factory Mutual approval for explosion-venting latches.

Pressure Release Latch Material Recommendations

Explosion venting latches from Brixon come in several materials, including cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We also manufacture spark-proof brass and aluminum latches for use around more volatile situations. Chrome plated, electropolished or polished, buffed, and passivated finishes are available for aesthetics or applications requiring enhanced corrosion protection.

Material choice depends on your application and installation environment. Cast iron and carbon steel are the most cost-effective options but should only be used where corrosion isn’t a concern. Outdoor installations or those involving exposure to chemicals or acids will require a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel latch. 

Brixon pressure release latches come in release forces from 3.9 to 285 lbs., depending on the model and style selected. Always consider the installation, equipment type, and industry requirements before selecting a latch model.

Contact Us for More Information About Safety Latch Options

Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches to suit any application or operating environment. We ship internationally and can handle large order requests. Contact us to discuss your latch style, material, and pressure release requirements.

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