Why Brixon?

Brixon® pressure release safety latches provide venting in the event of an internal explosion. While maintaining a positive seal, these safety latches prevent loss of heat and escape of gases under normal conditions.
Our latches are designed to operate under a wide variety of conditions for multiple purposes. Not sure what latch to choose for your unique application? Give us a call at 651-688-2540 to speak with one of our experts.

Our Capabilities

Many of the budget latches you’ll find on the market are for one-time use, but Brixon latches are reusable and don’t typically need replacing after an explosion. Rupture disks or explosion panels are often destroyed in venting applications, but our safety latches offer pressure release up to 285 lbs. per latch. Once a latch is released, all you need to do is slam the door shut and the latch is ready to go!

Brixon Manufacturing Latches & Products

Shop the widest range of pressure release latches on the market. Brixon offers three ways to find the safety latches you need:

Safety Latch Specifications

You want a product that will accommodate your needs. At Brixon, our safety latches have the widest range of adjustability and can be adjusted simply with the turn of a screwdriver or Allen wrench.
Our safety latches also provide the widest pressure release range. Brixon’s Factory Mutual (FM) approved latches can be adjusted from as low as .01 PSI to pressure more than 3,000 pounds per door (using multiple latches).

Brixon Latches Materials Used

We like options, and we know you do too. We offer a wide variety of castings, finish options, and materials used when manufacturing safety latches. Whether you’re looking for anodized, e-coated, electropolished, chrome plated, polished, or buffed, Brixon latches has the finish options you need (finish options dependent on latch casting). Our safety latches come in numerous materials including:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Steel
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • Spark-Proof Brass
  • Spark-Proof Aluminum

Size Options of Safety Latches

Brixon latches come in a variety of size options for different explosion venting needs. Visit our online latch identifier tool to find the latch or replacement part options you need. We make latches to fit on most doors, and our 80’s and 90’s series latches are compatible with both English (U.S.) and metric systems.
We’re proud to offer the most complete line of explosion venting latches in the world at Brixon Manufacturing: including the largest and smallest explosion venting safety latches in the world!

Industries Served by Brixon Manufacturing

At Brixon, we offer pressure release safety latches for all industries and applications. Whatever your unique project or job, Brixon latches are high-quality and economical. Some of the industrial applications that use our safety latches include:

Advantages of Choosing Brixon

Companies across various industries have looked to Brixon for expertise in pressure release safety latches for over 80 years. It’s essential to choose the best quality explosion venting latches when the safety of your employees is on the line. Sure, you could choose a budget safety latch, but will you be getting the quality you’re looking for? Some benefits of choosing Brixon latches include:
  • Convenient to operate and install.
  • Latch Maintenance Program can help your safety latch last up to 10x longer.
  • Brixon latches are economical.
  • Only manufacturer that offers spark-proof aluminum or brass safety latches.
  • Brixon offers a very generous OEM discount structure.
  • Safety latches usually ship within one week.

Contact Us Today for Quality Brixon Latches

Our safety latches have become an internal safety requirement among leading fortune 500 companies. Brixon is dedicated to innovative pressure release latch solutions. Trust the experts at Brixon to find the explosion venting latches you need and protect your employees. Contact us or request a quote for Brixon Manufacturing latches today.
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