Safety Release Latches by Application

Pressure release latches provide venting to help prevent internal implosion or explosion in applications involving combustible dust, mists, paints, solvents, and other hazardous substances. Explosion venting latches attach to positive, atmospheric, or negative pressurized doors and automatically release when pressure rises above a specified point. This release allows the excess pressure to escape, reducing the risk of implosion or explosion.

Pressure Release Safety Latches for All Industries and Applications

Explosion venting latches from Brixon Manufacturing are easy to install and operate and provide adjustable release forces ranging from 3.9 lbs. to 285 lbs. per latch, depending on the latch series selected. We also offer a range of latch materials and finish options, including spark-proof brass or aluminum, to accommodate various operating environments.
Our pressure release safety latches are Factory Mutual (FM) approved and have a proven track record for performance and reliability. All explosion venting latches are offered with or without a handle and can be used in combination or linked together to provide higher release forces.

Pressure Release Latches for Industrial Coating

Industrial coating applications involve paint/powder booths  and gas or electric drying ovens that create implosion and explosion hazards due to the presence of combustible particles and vapors.

Iron latches and cast steel latches with plain powder coated finish are the ideal choices for industrial coating applications because they are strong and economical. For operating environments involving moisture or other corrosive substances, we recommend choosing aluminum or stainless-steel latches.   

Industrial Processing Pressure Release Latches

Industrial processing involves a wide variety of applications ranging from reclaiming sand from sand casting equipment to manufacturing charcoal briquettes. Since the needs of industrial processing applications vary, selection criteria will depend on your industries specific requirements for release force, material weight, and corrosion resistance.
We offer stainless steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, and cast steel latches in several options with release forces up to 285 lbs. per latch. Spark-proof aluminum and brass options are also available for applications involving highly volatile substances.

Medical Industry Pressure Release Latches

The medical industry uses explosion venting latches to prevent an explosion or implosion in laboratory ovens and the pressurized containers used to transport pharmaceuticals. These applications typically require pressure safety release latches that are easily cleaned and sanitized, and resist corrosion caused by moisture and chemicals.
Our latches come in several materials and finishes including stainless steel, polished buffed and passivated stainless steel, chrome-plated iron, and chrome-plated brass for use in cleanrooms, manufacturing, laboratories, and transport. The polished, buffed and passivated finish for stainless steel provides aesthetic appeal and withstands regular cleaning and exposure to moisture.

Food Processing Pressure Release Latches

The food & beverage industry uses pressure release latches to relieve pressure and prevent explosions or implosion on kitchen and manufacturing equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, ovens, and steamers.
Explosion venting latches from Brixon come in stainless steel and polished chrome finish options with an easy to clean surface that resists moisture and corrosion. We also offer the option of stainless-steel internals to further enhance the corrosion resistance of your pressure release latches.

HVAC Industry Pressure Release Latches

In HVAC applications, pressure release latches prevent the escape of dangerous gases and chemicals. Safety latches also relieve pressure and provide venting on access doors and blast panels, leading to ducts and wall vents.
Our aluminum pressure release latches feature lightweight construction and a corrosion-resistant exterior for indoor or outdoor HVAC applications.  The stainless-steel internals also withstands constant exposure to condensation and extreme outdoor elements such as rain or snow. Choose from various styles and release forces to meet your needs.

Agriculture Pressure Release Latches

Grain silos, corn bins, and storage tanks naturally contain high levels of suspended dust particles. When the dust concentration gets too high in an enclosed area, and there is an ignition source present, the particles can spontaneously ignite.
Pressure release safety latches help prevent catastrophic events by providing a hold and release feature to vent explosions and internal pressure buildup quickly.  We offer aluminum and stainless-steel explosion venting latches that withstand exposure to outdoor elements and harsh conditions, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor agricultural storage applications. 

Woodworking Pressure Release Latches

Wood dust is a highly flammable substance that is as dangerous as gasoline when it combusts.  This dust tends to accumulate in woodworking applications, creating a high risk of fire, conflagration or deflagration. Explosion venting latches help minimize the damage from an explosion by venting the doors of dust collectors and sawdust bins in the event of pressure buildup.
Our aluminum and stainless steel explosion venting latches provide the weather and corrosion resistance required for outdoor wood dust collection and storage applications. We also manufacture iron or steel safety latches for use in dry indoor environments.

Military Pressure Release Latches

Pressure release safety latches are used in military testing applications and for aviation safety compliance. These applications typically involve unique problems and present the challenge of adhering to stringent Military specifications and requirements.
Our explosion venting latches come in several material options and are 100% made in the USA at a facility with Factory Mutual (FM) approval. Brixon safety latches provide a reliable release and can be customized to meet unique MIL-SPEC requirements for material and release force.

Find the Explosion Venting Latches that Meet Your Requirements

The experts at Brixon Manufacturing understand that each industry and application have unique needs. Request a quote or contact us for assistance finding the right explosion venting latch for your application.