43Lbs. - 180 Lbs. Safety Release Latches

Safety latches are used to release pressure at a specific level to mitigate explosions and other workplace hazards. They can be used on the interior or exterior of a vessel, in vacuum applications, and can be combined for use on doors, vent panels or other large surfaces. Release latches are typically used in conjunction with alarm system and operate manually without the use of electricity.

Safety Latches for Applications with a Pressure Range Of 43 Lbs. to 180 Lbs.

Brixon Manufacturing provides 43lbs.-180lbs. safety latches in various material options with a choice of different configurations to meet a range of heavy duty pressure application requirements. Special options include wide strike release latches for use with warped or irregular doors and an option of right handle, left handle or non-handle configurations. Our options for 43lbs.-180lbs. safety latches include:

Series 3 Cast Iron Safety Latches

Rated for use in pressure applications ranging from 43lbs.-180 lbs. and offered in cast iron with a standard or chrome finish.

Series 3 Aluminum Safety Latches

Lightweight aluminum safety latch with a standard cast finish. Available with standard mild steel internals or optional corrosive resistant stainless steel internals.

Series 83 Cast Steel Safety Latches

Investment cast steel pressure release latch with standard mild steel internals or corrosion-resistant stainless steel internals. Available finishes include standard grey powder coat, chrome or polished chrome for a brilliant shine.

Series 93 Stainless Steel Safety Latches

Fully stainless steel safety latches for superior strength, corrosion resistance and temperature tolerance. Finishes include standard investment cast, electropolish and polish/buff/passive.

Understanding Pressure Requirements for Selecting a Safety Latch

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Factory Mutual Global (FMG) have specific maximum pressure requirements for safety latch applications. NFPA 68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting is a great starting point. Always refer to all applicable codes, and regulations pertaining to your specific situation and municipality. In general, you should always choose the lowest practical setting to ensure safety and effective pressure control. It is important to adhere to the appropriate guidelines not only for workplace safety, but to ensure compliance under their industry standards.

Other considerations for choosing a safety latch include:
  • Material weight of the safety latch
  • Vessel construction.
  • Resistance to heat, corrosion, or sparking
  • Operating environment where the latch will be installed
  • Substance volatility for the intended application
For assistance selecting the appropriate pressure release latch for your application, use our online calculator tool to help determine your latch release settings and read our warnings and limitations information for all Brixon safety latch models.

Brixon is Your Trusted Partner for Stainless Steel Pressure Release Latches

Since 1939, Brixon has been supplying pressure release safety latches for applications across all industries. Our years of expertise establish us as a leader in the industry, and our latches remain at the highest level of performance and quality. With a team of knowledgeable experts and an extensive selection of latches for all projects, Brixon is your reliable and trusted supplier of safety latches. Request a quote for the latches you need today, or contact us to speak directly with a representative, and we will happily assist you in finding the best solutions for your applications.

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