Safety Latches by Material

Pressure release safety latches prevent pressure buildup and are used to create explosion venting and pressure relief doors in operating environments where there is a risk of implosion or explosion.  Release latches are also used to create a breakaway door in non-pressurized applications and are often used in conjunction with alarm systems. Typical door safety latch applications include:

Door Safety Release Latches for Preventing Implosion and Explosion

Brixon door safety release latches are a reliable backup solution that works even when a loss of power causes other systems to fail. Our Factory Mutual (FM) approved latches easily adjust with the turn of a screwdriver or Allen wrench and can be adjusted from as low as .01 PSI to pressure more than 3,000 pounds per door using linked door safety latches. We provide pressure release latches to fit on almost any door. All models, except for Series 2 and 91, have linking capabilities for actuation with a single handle.
Material options for our safety release latches include cast steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, spark-proof brass, and spark-proof aluminum. All latches feature case hardened and painted mild steel internals, with options to upgrade to spark-proof brass or stainless steel internals for enhanced temperature and corrosion resistance. For optimal temperature and corrosion resistance, we also offer safety latches with stainless steel housing and internals.
Request a quote or contact us to discuss your material and release force requirements. 

Stainless Steel Explosion Venting Latches

Stainless steel withstands higher temperatures than other release latch materials and provides excellent resistance to chemicals, salt spray, gases, and other corrosive substances and environments.  These pressure release latches feature a full stainless-steel construction with an option of standard, electropolish, or polish/buff/passivate finishes.

Cast Iron Explosion Venting Latches

The biggest seller at Brixon is our line of durable, yet economical cast iron door safety latches. These safety latches feature a cast iron body with standard mild steel internals and a powder coated finish for indoor processing applications. Stainless steel internals or polished chrome finish available upon request.

Cast Aluminum Explosion Venting Latches

Cast aluminum release latches are lightweight and corrosion resistant for applications where weight is a concern. These safety latches hold up well in wet environments but have lower resistance to sea salt and acids than our stainless-steel latches. Features include an aluminum body, standard mild steel internals, and a standard or e-coat finish. Stainless steel internals and spark proof aluminum latches are also available.

Cast Steel Explosion Venting Latches

Our cast steel safety latches provide the highest level of strength and durability for indoor factory applications. Standard features include a cast steel body with a powder coated finish and mild steel internals. We also offer the option of stainless-steel internals and a polished chrome finish.

Spark Proof Brass Explosion Venting Latches

Brass release latches are durable and spark resistant for use in applications involving flammable or explosive materials. Standard features include a brass housing in a standard or polished chrome finish, and brass and stainless-steel internals.

Spark Proof Aluminum Explosion Venting Latches

Spark proof aluminum release latches are a lightweight alternative to our brass spark-proof safety latches. These latches feature a spark-resistant aluminum housing with brass and stainless-steel internals. Options include a standard or polished chrome finish.

Contact Brixon for Door Safety Latches in the Material You Need

Brixon makes explosion venting latches to fit on almost any door and offers the widest pressure release range available. Request a quote for the safety latches that meet your material and release force requirements or contact us to discuss your application.