Safety Latches by Material

Explosion proof safety latches are used to create explosion venting and pressure relief doors in operating environments where there is a risk of implosion or explosion. Release latches are also used to create a breakaway door in non-pressurized applications, and they are often used in conjunction with alarm systems. Common door safety latch applications include:

Safety Latch Materials & Metals

Choosing the correct material for pressure release safety latches is essential to guarantee the safety and security of your employees. At Brixon, we manufacture safety latches in a wide variety of metals and materials. Whatever your application, we have the pressure release latches you need.

Explosion Proof Safety Latches for Preventing Implosion

Brixon door safety release latches are a reliable backup solution that works even when a loss of power causes other systems to fail. Our Factory Mutual (FM) approved latches easily adjust with the turn of a screwdriver or Allen wrench, and they can be adjusted from as low as .01 PSI to pressure more than 3,000 pounds per door using linked door safety latches. We provide pressure release latches to fit on almost any door. All models, except for Series 2 and 91, have linking capabilities for actuation with a single handle.
Material options for our safety release latches include cast steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, spark-proof brass, and spark-proof aluminum. All latches feature case-hardened and painted mild steel internals, with options to upgrade to spark-proof brass or stainless steel internals for enhanced temperature and corrosion resistance. For optimal temperature and corrosion resistance, we also offer safety latches with stainless steel housing and internals. 
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Spark Proof vs. Explosion Proof Materials: What’s the Difference?

Spark proof prevents sparks and, therefore, ignition from occurring. Explosion proof means that the material is capable of containing explosions. All of Brixon’s safety latches are explosion proof, but not all are made of spark proof materials. View the different options for spark-proof and explosion-proof materials:

Venting Latches from Spark Proof Materials

Safety Latches from Explosion Proof Materials

Benefits of Different Safety Latch Materials

Depending upon your application and purposes, many factors can impact the material you choose for explosion venting latches. For example, if corrosion resistance is important for your industry, stainless steel venting latches provide excellent resistance to chemicals, salt spray, gases, and other corrosive substances and environments.

If you are working with flammable or explosive materials and are in need of a durable, heavy-duty solution, spark proof brass pressure release latches are best suited to your application. Contact our professionals here to discover the best material option to choose for your safety release latch.

Material Finishes for Explosion Proof Safety Latches

Different finish options are available depending on the material chosen best suited for your application. Whether you are looking for corrosion resistance or cost-effectiveness, a smoother surface for easier cleaning & sterilization or high shine for improved cosmetic appearance, Brixon safety release latches provide multiple finishes to meet different application variables and requirements.

Brixon Latch Finish Options:

  • Standard Finish
  • Electropolish
  • Polish/Buff/Passivate
  • Powder Coat/Gray Painted Finish
  • Polished Chrome
  • Standard Cast Brass Finish

Find Brixon Safety Latches in the Materials You Need

Brixon makes explosion venting latches in the widest pressure release range available, made to fit on almost any door. Contact us today to discuss your unique application or request a quote for safety latches that meet your material requirements.