Explosion Vents for Dust Collectors

Virtually every production process, whether it’s woodworking, metal fabrication, or food and beverage processing, creates some form of dust. When the dust particles build up in ductwork and other confined areas, it creates a risk of fire or explosion. This risk can increase in industrial and manufacturing applications where combustible particles trapped in vents are exposed to an ignition source.

Industrial manufacturing and processing facilities can reduce these risks by installing explosion venting latches on their dust collection systems. These pressure release safety latches work by automatically releasing a door or vent cover when pressure exceeds a specific setting, or if an explosion or implosion occurs. 

Explosion Venting Latches for Light and Heavy-Duty HVAC Equipment

Brixon is a world-class manufacturer of pressure release safety latches for dust collection applications. Our FM-approved products are designed for easy installation and adjustment to help minimize downtime during replacement. The simple design also makes our explosion venting latches easy to clean and sanitize.

Dust Collector Safety Latch Material Recommendations

We recommend using cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminum safety latches for dust collection equipment. Each material provides different benefits. Considerations in choosing a latch material include requirements for strength, weight, and corrosion resistance. For outdoor applications, stainless steel and aluminum are the best options. We also provide: Our pressure release latches come in release forces up to 285 lbs., depending on the type selected. Always follow the standard recommendations for your industry, application, and equipment type to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Learn More About the Benefits of Our Pressure Release Safety Latches

Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches in several styles, including standard and compact sizes.  Contact us to discuss your latch style, material, and pressure release requirements.

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