Explosion venting latches are a critical part of explosion venting systems used in aviation non-destructive testing facilities. These latches lock to create an airtight seal and have a quick-release feature to release excess pressure when an implosion or explosion occurs. 

Install pressure release latches on portable and stationary test stands, drying ovens, inspection booth, and any other equipment used in your testing facility. The versatile design of safety release latches also makes them suitable for locking cargo containers in place during air transport.

Safety Latches for Aircraft Storage and Nondestructive Testing

Brixon® is a U.S.-based, world-class manufacturer of Factory Mutual (FM) approved explosion venting latches. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, versatile pressure release latches for aviation and other industries. Our latches are easy to install and come in various configurations to meet your requirements. Brixon latches are also designed for quick adjustments, allowing a single latch to provide a generous release force range.

Explosion Venting Latch Material Recommendations

We recommend aluminum pressure release safety latches because they are lightweight and provide some corrosion resistance. These latches have an aluminum exterior and mild steel internals. Spark proof aluminum latches are also available for transporting combustible substances. Various material combinations are available to accommodate your requirements for weight and corrosion resistance.

Our explosion venting latches for aviation cargo come in release forces up to 285 lbs., depending on the model selected. Always follow industry and equipment safety recommendations to ensure you use the correct release for your application.

Learn More About Pressure Release Latches from Brixon

Brixon manufactures high-quality, U.S.-made explosion venting latches in a broad range of materials and styles. Send us a message to learn more about our latches or for help selecting a latch model for your aviation application.
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