Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Chemical and hazardous substance manufacturers are not the only ones who need to worry about explosion hazards. Just about any powdered substance, even flour, can combust under certain conditions. The vessels and containers used to store grain, gases and liquids used in food production also create a hazard in food and beverage production facilities.

Explosion venting latches come in different sizes and pressure release forces to install on industrial fridges and freezers, ovens, dust collectors, and storage bins or silos. These latches help prevent implosion or explosion by quickly releasing a door or vent cover once the pressure inside an enclosed area exceeds a specific point. Pressure release safety latches help you maintain a safer workplace by protecting personnel from catastrophic events.

Explosion Venting Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Brixon is a world-class manufacturer of pressure release safety latches for food processing. Some of the largest food and beverage companies have trusted and used our venting latches for decades. Our FM-approved products are designed for easy installation and adjustment to help minimize downtime during replacement. The simple design also makes our latches easy to clean and sanitize.

Material Recommendations for Food & Beverage Applications

We recommend using stainless steel pressure release latches for food and beverage processing applications. This material withstands corrosion and temperatures up to 650˚F (343˚C). Corrosion and temperature resistance vary depending on the finish selected for your stainless-steel pressure release latches.  Available finishes include:
  • Plain stainless steel (raw investment casting)
  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Polished, buffed, and passivated stainless steel
Explosion venting latches for food and beverage processing come in release forces up to 285 lbs.,  depending on the style selected. Lower release forces are best for light-duty applications or to set doors for automatic closing. Always follow your industry’s safety recommendations to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Learn More About the Benefits of Our Pressure Release Safety Latches

Brixon manufactures corrosion-resistant explosion venting latches in several styles for food and beverage processing facilities. Contact us to discuss your latch style, material, and pressure release requirements.

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