Latch Maintenance Program

Calibration & Maintenance Program:

Did you know properly maintained Brixon Latches can last up to 10x longer? Did you know you could get your Brixon latches tested & calibrated even if they are already in service? You can! Rest at ease knowing your Brixon Latches are properly tested, calibrated and certified at all times. Explosion/Deflagration vents are an essential safety feature in many types of industrial equipment. Knowing that those safety features will vent when they are required is critical. We can assist you with the Brixon Calibration and Maintenance Program. We can test, calibrate, clean and repair your latches at any interval you require. Our program is designed to minimize down time in your plant while maximizing safety assurance with our unique system for cycling latches in and out of service.

How it works.

You will start the program by purchasing a rotating set of latches. The rotating set of latches will arrive at your facility fully tested & calibrated. You remove the current in-service latches and return them to Brixon; Replace the latches removed from your equipment with the newly calibrated latches. When we receive your old latches we will preform an “As Found” inspection. In this inspection we will be looking for any physical damage to the latches as well as any set point changes. If the latches pass the visual inspection the “As Found” release forces will be tested on our state of the art digital force testing equipment. The force results will help identify any issues with the latches, whether it be field tampering or degraded components. If any red flags arise the latch will be set aside for repair analysis. We will report any issues and supply you with repair or replacement options at an exclusive maintenance program discount. All passing latches will move on to cleaning, lubrication and re-calibration. Once they are re-calibrated they are returned including a certified report and calibration record. These newly calibrated latches are now set and ready to be put in service.

What’s in it for you?

  • Repair discounts of up to 50% off.
  • Replacement discount of 20% off.
  • Keep your Brixon Latches in service longer.
  • Independent testing done on certified calibrated equipment.
  • Identify mechanical issues.
  • Identify unauthorized tampering.
  • Regularly tested explosion vents with certificates.
  • Proper maintenance directly from the manufacturer.
  • Detailed records and tracking of explosion vent maintenance.
  • Digital and hard copies of records.
  • Quick turn around.
  • Quarterly third party audits of test equipment and calibration.

Getting Started:

Because every facility utilizes our latches differently, every customer has unique needs for calibrations and inspections. Because of this we will custom tailor a program unique to your facility.
A qualified Brixon representative will work with you to come up with the most cost and time effective solution for your application.
We will take into account the following:
• The quantity of latches that are entering the program.
• Facility tolerance for down time.
• Average annual cycles/usage.
• Desired frequency of calibration swaps.
• Budget for rotating set.


  1. Create a facility plan with Brixon.
  2. Place order for rotating set (if needed).
  3. Rotating set calibrated and sent out.
  4. Remove in-service latches and replace with the newly calibrated latches.
  5. Ship used latches to factory for Service.
  6. Brixon will inspect, clean, repair and calibrate.
  7. Serviced latches will return to customer with certificate and report.
  8. Serviced latches are now ready for the next swap.
To sign up please contact us and we will help tailor a maintenance program for your facility!