Medical Product Manufacturing

Medical manufacturing, biotech, laboratory, and pharmaceutical processing applications present a series of chemical hazards. A fire or explosion not only places employees at extreme risk but also facilities, products and equipment. Proper use and storage of gases, solvents, liquids, chemicals, and dusts help minimize these risks. However, you must take extra measures to protect workers in case of an explosion or implosion.

Pressure release safety latches create a positive seal on doors to prevent heat, gases, and particles from escaping during normal operations. If an explosion or implosion occurs, the latches automatically release to let excess pressure escape. Install venting latches on pressurized containers, industrial washers, laboratory ovens, transport containers, storage room doors, or wherever you identify potential risks.

Explosion Venting Latches for Medical & Pharmaceutical Operations

Brixon is a world-class manufacturer of pressure release safety latches for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our products are designed for easy installation and quick adjustments and meet Factory Mutual approval for explosion-venting latches. The simple design and construction make our latches easy to clean and sanitize.

Our pressure release latches come in release forces up to 285 lbs., depending on the type selected. Using lighter pressure release settings on lighter force latches enables installation on doors that can be simply pushed or pulled open with your body weight, helping to minimize touchpoints that need regular sanitizing. Always follow the release force recommendations provided by your industry to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Venting Latch Material Recommendations

We recommend using stainless steel explosion venting latches for medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications. This chemical-resistant material withstands regular washing and sanitizing without corroding.  Temperature thresholds up to 650˚F (343˚C) allow these latches to withstand heated sterilization and other high-temperature processes.

Corrosion and temperature resistance vary depending on the finish selected for your stainless-steel pressure release latches.  Our options include:
  • Plain stainless steel (no finish)
  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Polished, buffed, and passivated stainless steel
We also offer chrome-plated spark-proof brass safety latches for applications involving highly volatile chemicals and gases. 

Learn More About Our Pressure Safety Release Latches

Brixon manufactures corrosion-resistant explosion venting latches in several styles to suit your pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing facilities. Contact us to discuss your latch style, material, and pressure release requirements.

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