Woodworking & Wood Processing

Processing and finishing wood and wood products create several hazards. Sawdust particles collect and suspend in the air and, under the right conditions, can combust. Dust collectors can help prevent airborne particles but also present a risk of an internal pressure buildup due to unintended ignition of particles within the system. Excess pressure from these events in silos, elevators, drying ovens, and kilns can cause an explosion, deflagration or other catastrophic event.

Explosion venting latches help prevent dangerous situations by automatically popping open covers and doors on equipment or storage vessels once the pressure reaches a specific point. The fast release allows pressure to escape quickly, helping prevent a potentially dangerous explosion. Since these latches operate mechanically and without electrical assistance, they remain reliable even in a power outage.

Explosion Venting Latches for Wood Processing & Woodworking

Brixon® is a world-class manufacturer of explosion venting latches for wood processing facilities. Our pressure release latches are durable, have a versatile design, and are easy to install, adjust, and operate.

Explosion venting latches for wood processing come in release forces up to 285 lbs per latch and in models with or without handles. When setting the release force, always consider the equipment type, application, and operating environment to ensure compliance with industry safety standards.

Material Recommendations for Woodworking and Processing Operations

Wood processing and woodworking applications are compatible with several material types. Cast iron and steel explosion venting latches are a durable and cost-effective option for low moisture, indoor applications. Stainless steel latches are best for installation outdoors or where you need corrosion protection. Spark-proof brass and spark-proof aluminum venting latches are also available for applications involving highly combustible substances such as solvents, sprays and mists. 

Brixon venting latches come in pressure release forces up to 285 lbs. and as low as 3.9 lbs, depending on the model you select. Any of our latches can be customized to meet your internal and external material requirements. We can also add chrome, electropolish or polished, buffed, and passivated finishes for enhanced corrosion protection.

Learn More About the Benefits of Our Pressure Release Safety Latches

Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches in several styles, including standard and compact sizes.  Contact us to discuss your latch style, material, and pressure release requirements.
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