Cast Iron Safety Release Latches

Cast iron pressure release latches are durable, and provide good wear resistance. The material offers some resistance to corrosion, but it is not nearly as high as stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Cast iron explosion venting latches are best suited for indoor processing applications, and those involving non-corrosive environments.
Some of the common uses for cast iron safety release latches include:
  • Powder Booths
  • Batch Ovens
  • Indoor Industrial Applications
  • HVAC Systems

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Explosion Venting Latches

Brixon explosion venting latches are easy to operate and adjust and provide reliable primary or backup venting to other venting and pressure monitoring systems. All cast iron pressure release latches feature mild steel internals with an option of stainless-steel internals for corrosion resistance.
Our cast iron safety latches come in two finishes:
  • Powder Coat/Gray Painted Finish: A standard, economical finish that provides more corrosion resistance than paint but less protection than polished chrome.
  • Polished Chrome: Provides improved corrosion resistance and enhances the cosmetic appearance with a smooth, high-shine finish.
We also offer shims in different sizes with an option of steel, iron, or stainless-steel material.  Shim size options for each latch series are listed below.
Request a quote or contact us to discuss your release force requirements. 

Series 2 Cast Iron Pressure Release Latches

Our Series 2 cast iron pressure release safety latches are our most popular option and provide a pressure release force of 10 lbs.-45 lbs. Available options include:

Series 3 Cast Iron Pressure Release Latches

The Series 3 was Brixon’s first latch design. This series of safety latches provide a pressure release force of 43 lbs.-180 lbs. and comes in regular, wide, tall, or adjustable strike options:

Series 4 Cast Iron Pressure Release Latches

Series 4 cast iron pressure release safety latches provide a release force of 58 lbs.-285 lbs. These pressure release latches are typically used on large dust collectors that require several latches on each door. Select from a standard, wide, tall, or adjustable strike. Options include:

Series 4HD/410 Cast Iron Pressure Release Latches

Series 4HD/410 cast iron safety latches provide 58 lbs.-285 lbs. of force and come with a larger pry bar type handle for increased mechanical leverage. Select from the following options:

Learn More About Our Cast Iron Explosion Venting Latches

Brixon Manufacturing provides explosion venting latches in a variety of materials and release force options to meet the needs of most pressure relief applications. Request a quote for the door safety latches that meet your requirements or contact us for additional product details.