Spark-Proof Brass Safety Release Latches

Spark-proof brass is a highly durable and corrosion-resistant material that withstands high temperatures and exposure to the elements. The combination of these characteristics makes spark-proof brass explosion venting latches ideal for industrial applications involving highly flammable or explosive gas, chemicals, dust, and vapors.
Examples of typical applications for spark-proof brass pressure release latches include:
  • Medical and laboratory settings
  • Propane filling facilities 
  • Chemical production
  • Agriculture/grain elevators
  • Fertilizer and pesticide storage
  • Food processing and storage
  • Dust processing facilities
  • Oil refineries

Spark-Proof Brass Pressure Release Safety Latches

Brixon pressure release latches provide venting in the event of explosion or implosion and create a seal to prevent the escape of heat and gas under normal operating conditions. Our Factory Mutual (FM) approved latches can be adjusted from as low as .01 PSI (a door 26” x 30” with a model 91 latch set at minimum pressure), to pressure more than 3,000 pounds per door when using multiple latches. Brixon safety latches are easy to install, operate, and adjust for use in a broad range of pressure release applications.  
Our spark-proof brass explosion venting latches feature stainless-steel springs and brass alloy internals and come with an option of two finishes:
  • Standard Cast Brass Finish: A standard raw brass finish provides corrosion resistance and a rough surface texture
  • Polished Chrome: Provides enhanced corrosion resistance and improves cosmetic appearance with a smooth, high-shine finish. We recommend a polished chrome finish for applications requiring a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.  

We also offer iron shims in different sizes. View the product descriptions below for additional sizing information.
If you prefer or require a lighter weight spark-proof material, Brixon also offers spark-proof aluminum pressure release latches.

Series 2 Spark-Proof Brass Pressure Release Latches

Our Series 2 spark-proof brass pressure release safety latches provide a release force of 10 lbs.-45 lbs. Available options include:  
Warning: This product contains lead. Learn more about California Prop 65 warnings regarding the potential for cancer and reproductive harm on the OEHHA website.

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Brixon manufactures explosion venting latches in spark-proof brass and several other materials designed to operate under a variety of conditions. Request a quote for the safety latches that meet your material and release force requirements or contact us to learn more.