Paint Booth Door Latches

Paint and powder coatings produce flammable vapors and dust particles that, when mixed with air, create a high risk of fire or dust explosion. The presence of gas, electrostatic electricity, and shock can increase these risks. Paint booth door latches are installed on paint booth and oven doors and help prevent explosions, implosions, and other catastrophic events by automatically opening to release pressure.

Brixon manufactures spray booth door latches for industrial coating applications, including paint booths, powder booths, and industrial drying ovens of any size. We provide the widest range of pressure release latches of any approved Factory Mutual (FM) manufacturer, with release force ranges from 3.9 lbs. to 285 lbs. Our pressure release safety latches can be combined or linked for large doors requiring release forces over 3000 lbs.

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Spray Booth Door Latches for Pressure Release Operations

Industrial spray booths provide a fully enclosed and controlled environment for applying paint and coatings to automobiles, airplanes, furniture, and various electrical and industrial products. Paint booths are designed to improve workplace safety by containing hazardous and combustible fumes and particles in a specified area. However, the combination of a pressurized environment and highly flammable materials creates a severe risk of implosion or explosion. 
Use a paint booth door latch to reduce the risk of injury or explosion. When installed properly and adjusted to the correct release force, Brixon pressure release safety latches will automatically release to open the booth door, relieving pressure and fumes. Safety latches also vent at specified ranges to prevent implosion by reducing the vacuum of negative pressure.

Pressure Release Latches for Curing & Drying Ovens

Many industries use industrial drying ovens to cure, dry, or anneal solvent-based coatings and powder coatings. Using a gas or electric heat source around volatile substances and combustible particles significantly increases the risk of fire and explosion. Curing and drying ovens also present the risk of gas line leaks and bursts.
Explosion venting latches provide venting at a pre-determined release force to open the oven door automatically when there is an explosion or if the pressure reaches dangerous levels. Brixon safety latches protect against paint oven explosions and other catastrophic events.

Safety Latch Material Considerations for Industrial Coating Applications

While safety latches are used for a range of applications and uses, most industrial coating projects involve a controlled environment with low humidity and temperature control. Cast iron and cast steel pressure release latches with a plain powder-coated finish typically provide the right material properties for these applications. A spark-proof brass latch or spark-proof aluminum explosion venting latch will prove a durable option for operating environments with an increased chance of electrostatic electricity or shock.

Selecting a safety release latch material depends on your application and operating environment. Each latch material provides different levels of strength and resistance to moisture or corrosion. View our pressure safety latch material options to learn more about our material and finish options.

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At Brixon, we provide you with all the equipment and knowledge you need to manage your industrial machinery and maintain maximum operations safely. Our experts have crafted a thorough library of resources and information about Brixon safety latches and are available to assist you with any questions. We are proud to offer a latch calibration program to determine the quality and certification of your pressure-release latches, ensuring your latches are in top condition. Find the best latches and services for your needs with Brixon.

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