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Why Brixon?

Brixon® pressure release safety latches provide venting in the event of an internal explosion, and maintain a positive seal in order to prevent loss of heat and/or escape of gases under normal conditions.

They are designed to operate under a wide variety of conditions with a variety to suit particular purposes.

  • Brixon latches are re-usable
  • Brixon latches are not destroyed in venting like rupture disks or explosion panels.
  • Once a latch is released, all you need to do is slam the door shut and the latch is ready to go!
  • Brixon latches are economical
  • Brixon offers a very generous OEM discount structure.
  • Brixon makes latches to fit on most any door
  • Brixon has the most complete line of explosion venting latches in the world; including the largest and smallest explosion venting safety latches in the world.
  • Brixon offers the widest pressure release range
  • Brixon’s Factory Mutual (FM) approved latches can be adjusted from as low as .01 PSI to pressure in excess of 3,000 pounds per door (using multiple latches).
  • Brixon offers a wide variety of castings
  • Brixon has latches that are entirely stainless steel.Brixon also offers cast steel, cast aluminum, cast iron, as well as spark-proof brass and spark-proof aluminum.
  • Brixon offers a wide variety of finish options
  • Brixon latches can be chrome plated, anodized, e-coated, electropolished, or polished/buffed/passivated (finish options dependent on latch casting.)
  • Brixon offers the widest range of adjustability
  • Brixon latches can be adjusted with a turn of a screwdriver or Allen wrench.
  • Brixon’s 80’s and 90’s series latches are compatible with both English (U.S.) and metric systems.
  • Brixon latches are easy to operate
  • Brixon latches usually ship with in a week
  • Brixon latches are easy to install
  • Brixon Latches have many uses & applications

Note: All price listings are for US customers only. For European pricing contact:

Cevac Limited
Tel: 01483 272 001
Fax: 01483 273 233

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