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Model #4 Latches
The #4 latch is available in aluminum cast housings. Pin through cam is stainless steel, with other stainless steel parts optional. The #4 latch has the most variations and handle options and together with the new Model 94 are the largest and most powerful FM approved explosion venting latches made. Please refer to the 84 steel latch or the 94 stainless steel latch for other models with the same pressure release range.
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RELEASE FORCE Adjustable: 58-285 lbs. (26.3 -129.3 kg)
HANDLE OPTIONS The #4 aluminum latch is available with or without handle. The standard handle is identica in appearance and operation to the #3 handle and is suitable for lever assisted opening of doors with only one latch. If connecting several latches is desirable or cost effective, special model #4P-L aluminum latches may be linked to a single #4H-L aluminum latch. Doors requiring multiple latches may be opened with our special heavy-duty handle which allows lever assisted opening of several latches with no connecting linkage. The heavy-duty handle may be used as part of a latch (model #84 HD-PS aluminum), or it may be mounted seperately.

#4P Aluminum: 2.54 lb. (1.15 kg)
#4H Aluminum: 2.88 lb. (1.31 kg).
Body only: 2.15 lb. (.98 kg)
Body and handle only: 2.49 lb (1.13 kg)

DIMENSIONS Length (w/o handle): 8 5/16" (122.11 cm)
Latch only: 6 5/8" (16.83 cm).
Strike only: 1 9/16" (3.97 cm)
4H Combined with handle: 9" (22.86 cm)
HOUSING MATERIALS Latch body, regular strike, wide strike, tall strike, adjustable strike, and handle are 319 Aluminum.
MOUNTING Use 3/8" (Grade 8) or 10mm (Grade 10.9) bolts for mounting. 2 bolts required for strikes & shims, and 4 bolts for the latch body. Flat washers & lock washers are recommended.
INTERNAL PARTS Pin through cam (bearing pin) is 303 stainless steel. All other parts are zinc plated mild steel. Roller, cam, nut and adjusting screw are case-hardened. Spring is chrome silicon.
INTERNAL OPTIONS Internal parts may be ordered in stainless steel at extra cost.
(Stainless steel pin through cam is standard)
STRIKE OPTIONS Tall strike and adjustable tall strike available for large offsets (see offset mounting) Wide strike is available for flush mounting of doors with a large amount of play in the hinges (such as cam-lift hinges). Wide strike is not compatible with model #4H latch.

0-.150": use Regular strike
.681"-.838" use Reg. strike + 3/4" Shim
.151"-.305": use Adj. strike (bottom)
.839"-1.05" use Adj. Strike (top)
.306"-.608" use Adj. strike (middle)
1.051"-1.425" use Tall strike

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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